Hi, I’m Amy Laurel and I’m the poster-girl for overcoming your past, even if it’s traumatic. Because I have severe PTSD, I like to blog about mental health but it’s not my only focus. I’m having a love affair with life and I like to write about the things I’m passionate about! I’m a writer, an actress, a geek, a gamer, an ex-wife and so much more!

I post a new blog every Monday morning on these various topics. I also do a Vlog once a month. I feel like it’s a little more intimate. You want more? Okay!

I write YA (Young Adult) fiction, although I’m not yet published. I love telling stories about teens who take on fights bigger than themselves because that’s how I live my own life. My stories help me come to terms with my own life events. Whether it’s a slapstick exploration of social boundaries in my humorous novel THE ANOMALOUS ADVENTURES OF JAMES AND MAX (my current work in progress), discovering the mortal and psychological boundaries that come with alcoholism, drugs, runaways, and death in my novel THE TROUBLE WITH GOODBYE, or overcoming physical odds and gender constrictions through swordplay in a foreign time and land in my screenplay THE HAAN BLADE, I draw upon my real life experiences and rely on light to pull me through the darkness.

So come get to know me as I blog about the things that make me tick, what makes me laugh, and what helps carry me through life. I’m glad to have you along for this journey!