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Welcome to 2018, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday regardless of what you do or don’t celebrate! As you may recall, before I took my winter break I was sick with ear infections. Well, it turned out that was not my problem. I have been having vestibular migraines for almost two months now. It’s basically having vertigo 24/7. It’s hard to stand up, eat, talk on the phone, listen to music, write…the list goes on but you get the idea.

5 AM at Midway Airport in Chicago. Brrr!!!

It made my vacation to Utah a bit brutal but it was wonderful to see my family and my husband’s family!

I’m seeing a neurologist on the 16th to see what they can do. Although, I’m going to call on the second of January and beg them to take pity on me and get me in right away. I honestly don’t think I can stay sane and be this dizzy for another two weeks! Also, I have some very important writing to get polished and I want to be able to give it all the time and attention it needs! I’m talking, of course, about my writer’s retreat in France next April. I need to turn in my first three chapters by February and I really want to polish the hell out of them!

I know January is a time for goals and whatnot, but I’ve never been a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of gal. I like to update my goals monthly, sometimes weekly. My life is pretty crazy with the PTSD and tendency to become ill. So, I find it works best for me to evaluate my life on the fly. It just works better with my whole flow.

I do have general goals for the year. I would like to lose the 50+ pounds that I gained during my fertility treatments. I want to be as ready as can be for France. I want to rock the writer’s retreat, learn a ton, network with people, and make new writer friends!

I would love to hear how you approach the new year! Do you make resolutions? Do you stick to them? Do you play it fast and loose? Spill it in the comments section! I would love to hear from you!

While I have been sick I have been watching a lot of comedians and have discovered that I adore John Mulaney! So as a Happy New Year gift to you, here is a recording of one of his bits. There is no video, but it’s short and guaranteed giggles! Welcome to 2018! Let’s hope it is full of laughter, love, and enlightenment!

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