You Do You, Boo-Boo!

I’m a very all or nothing sort of person. But I like to think that I have evolved over the years. For example, when I was in middle school I was a strong atheist. By high school I was a serious Mormon. Then I went back to being an atheist years later. I don’t do middle very well, which is funny since I’m the middle child (but I will tel you all about that another time).  Currently I have had my name removed from the Mormon church and quite frankly consider it a hate group.

I am noticing this about myself however. And because I am an atheist who remembers very well the comfort and love that I felt when I was christian, I don’t really struggle with my friends who believe in God, or the universe, or whatever. I recall in detail the comfort that I took from reading the scriptures and going to church or the temple.

That said, I’ve reevaluated my life again and this is where I’ve landed. I think it’s a healthy thing to question your beliefs (whatever that means to you) every five to ten years. It gives you time to gain new experience and insight into yourself and others. It let’s you firmly decide that either yes you do maintain your beliefs or no you are starting to doubt them.

I don’t mean to imply that you have to be as severe about life as I am, that’s just me, you do you Boo-Boo!  Maybe you will find that while you weren’t so sure about climate change, or a certain brand of politics, or even the style of clothing you thought you loved…maybe you will find you feel differently. Then again maybe, like me, you will realize that you have broadened the music you listen to but punk music and The Cure make you happier than just about anything.

My point isn’t that you should change your mind but that you should challenge yourself and then go with your gut. I believe it’s also important to remember that everyone goes through some sort of cycle like this. It allows us to accept that our friends and family may or are changing. It let’s us be accepting of the lifestyle they choose. We don’t have to all walk around as mirror images of one another, I think we just need to learn to be cool with each other. Me having such a negative opinion of the church I grew up in does not mean that I hold that same opinion about all it’s members.  I know that everyone has to reconcile themselves to their lives and we all go about that differently.

I actually like that. I personally feel that if we all acted and thought the same the world could get pretty boring! I think that letting others share their perspective with me and vice versa enriches all of us. I also suspect that if we could respect one another’s choices without trying to make those for them we would all be a hell of a lot happier.

So that’s my message this week. Be you and be proud of you. Question yourself and see where that takes you. But don’t take that to mean that you need to question everyone else, don’t deprive them of that journey.

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